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OSI Launches New Incognito Trauma Kit

After months of product development, The Officer Survival Initiative (OSI) today announced the launch of a brand new discreet trauma kit for everyday use by patrol assigned law enforcement officers and others who regularly wear concealed soft body armor (CSBA).  The Incognito is true innovation in trauma kit packaging, storage, and access and was developed based on the direct input and experiences of veteran law enforcement professionals.

The Incognito combines lightweight, compact trauma equipment to immediately render self- or buddy-aid after a traumatic injury with a unique carry pouch, designed to mount easily and unobtrusively to CSBA.  According to the folks at OSI, the Incognito is fills an important gap in the trauma care continuum. “Too many aid kits and systems are too large, too bulky, or just poorly designed for anything other than taking up space in the trunk of a patrol car.  When our customers enter the fray, we want them to have ready access to the live saving gear they may need immediately.”

The Incognito retails at $28.34 and agency pricing is available for quote.  Check out all the details at

For comments, questions, or quotes on the Incognito  or any of OSI’s other products, please email or call 206.641.9620.




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