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Some products sold on this site and/or included in our kits are medical devices that require that users have the supervision of a medical practitioner. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Ensuring this supervision is your responsibility. By purchasing this item, you warrant to OSI and our vendors and partners that you have the appropriate training and supervision to use this device. 

Customer Warranties; Liability Customer warrants that it is appropriately licensed or registered and in compliance with any and all requirements of the Food and Drug Administration and State regulations for any products ordered. Customer further warrants that all individuals using products purchased from the Officer Survival Initiative (OSI) are adequately trained in their use, and Customer ensures the use of such products to be according to any instructions contained in packaging of such product, and to be in accord with current standards of care applicable thereto. OSI relies on Customers representations and warranties in accepting Customers order. Customer shall indemnify and hold OSI, its agents, and its representatives harmless from any losses (including any charges for legal representation) for any breach of the representations and warranties set forth in this paragraph. 

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