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OSI Ready Care PRO Kit

by OSI
Price $262.00

The OSI Ready Care PRO Kit represents a massive leap forward in emergency medical preparedness.  We've leveraged our experience as professional medical disaster responders to come up with the perfect kit to make sure you and your family are ready for the next disaster, big or small!  Packed in a rugged, cost effective poly pail, the Emergency Medical Care PRO Kit is stocked with professional grade supplies, perfect for the home, office, or car!

The Ready Care PRO Kit contains:

Personal Protection & CPR  
N95 Respirators 2
Black Nitrile Gloves, Pair 4
Laerdal CPR Shield 1
Red Bag, 24" x 24" 1
Vionex Towlette 4
Bleeding Control  
SWAT-T Tourniquet 1
Israeli Dressing 2
Combat Gauze LE 1
Abdominal Pad, 5x9 4
Combine Pad, 8x10 4
Gauze Pad, 4x4 10
Gauze Pad, 2x2 10
Wound Care  
20ml Irrigation Syringe 1
1" Cloth Tape 1
2" Waterproof Tape 1
3" Sterile Stretch Gauze 2
1" x 3" Bandaids 10
Knuckle Bandages 10
Triple Antibiotic Ointment 4
3" Cohesive Flex Wrap 2
4" Cohesive Flex Wrap 2
PVP Scrub Brush 1
Antiseptic Wipe 4
Benzoin Swabstick 2
Wound Closure Strips 5
Ace Bandage, 2" 2
Triangular Bandage 2
SAM Splint 2
Kwik Kold Jr. Ice Pack 2
Space Brand Emergency Blanket 2
7 1/4" Trauma Shears 1
Plastic Tweezers, Individually Wrapped 1
Therma-dot Thermometer 1
Wilderness First Aid Field Guide 1

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