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Rescue Assault Tether (RAT Strap)

by North American Rescue
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The RAT™ Strap (Rescue Assault Tether) was designed as a force multiplier during tactical operations. Decreasing manpower demands and increasing efficiency of rescuers, the RAT™ Strap enables hands-free casualty movement and threat suppression simultaneously. Critical to this task is the ability to rapidly detach from casualty depending on dynamic of environment, which is accomplished with the quick release shackle. Ideal for shield-assisted, open-field and indoor-corridor rescues. The innovative Daisy Chain configuration is designed to offer multiple reinforced attachment points accommodating the height of the rescuer and the terrain of the rescue site.

Designed to meet NFPA Standards

1 in. Tech Tape construction with a tensile strength of 4200 lbs

Reinforced stitching, triple bar-tacked loops

Quick Release Shackle for rapid detachment

Hands free drag capability which helps maintain the rescuer's engagement with the threat

Decreases manpower needs in "zeroed in" locations



Packaged: H 1 in. x W 4 in. x D 5.5 in.


Extended Length: L 62 in.  

Minimum Break Strength: 2702 lb  

Weight: 12.7 oz 

Warning: Designed for linear personnel recovery drags  

All items must be visually inspected for any deterioration of stitching and webbing both before and after each use.  





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