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Site Based Active Shooter Kit

by Officer Survival Initiative
Price $229.38

Our Site Based Active Shooter Kit represents a new paradigm in catastrophic incident preparedness.  Designed to be cost effective and discreet, our Site Based Active Shooter Kit is meant to live at the potential site of an attack and be ready at a moments notice to allow employees and staff to immediately respond to life threatening injuries after an attack on the facility.  Perfect for schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, and government facilities; the Site Based Active Shooter Kit contains 10 self-contained Modified Active Shooter Modules, each of which contains the essential items for civilians and lay providers to render immediate, life saving care.  These modules are easily deployed and can be thrown to pinned or isolated subjects. 

It's a scary world we live in, give your people the upper hand!

Each Site Based Active Shooter Kit contains:

(10) Modified Active Shooter Modules

(4) Pairs Nitrile Gloves

(2) Green Chemlights

(2) Red Chemlights

Available in Black or Olive Drab Green

Our exclusive Active Shooter Kit (ASK) is a revolution in casualty management during high-risk events.  Designed to enable a small squad to distribute necessary materials to render immediate aid as well as create an effective Casualty Collection Point (CCP), the ASK is a force multiplier in your active shooter response repertoire.

Within the ASK, each casualty throw module contains bilingual directions and the essential items for civilians and lay providers to render immediate, life saving care for the most common life-threatening conditions.  These self-contained modules are easily deployed from the main bay of the ASK bag and can be very easily thrown to pinned subjects.

Unlike some of the other attempts at similar ideas, the ASK goes one step further to provide your officers or other first responders the tools to establish an effective CCP and begin evacuation of the wounded.  Integrating the lightweight, compact technology of the LIFT litter as an option, your officers, first responders, or even civilians can easily begin moving the wounded out of harms way, but without the weight of a traditional litter.   Triage and organization solutions are effected through the use of the innovative T2 Triage tag and START Triage based color-coded light sticks.  

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