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Tactical CricKit

by North American Rescue
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The Tactical CricKit® is the result of an 18 month interface with Military Medical Professionals worldwide. Phase 1 of the project was to define the functional requirements of performing a surgical cricothyroidotomy in the tactical environment. Phase 2 was to initiate the development of a small, easy to use kit that focused on intuitive training behaviors. The result of this effort is the Tactical CricKit®.

Supplying the operator with all the necessary tools to conduct a proper cricothyroidotomy in a low cube and ruggedized package, the Tactical CricKit® is the ideal kit for performing a cricothyroidotomy in austere environments. For ease in both training and live fire situations, it’s components are provided in the proper order of use. Once unrolled, the Tactical CricKit’s 500-denier pouch provides a clean working surface for the operator, making it viable for use in low-light and battlefield environments. The tactical crickit also provides the user with a tracheal tube that is both the ideal size and length, along with a securing device to aid in secondary treatment and CASEVAC. To combat microbial contamination, the Tactical CricKit® is supplied with alcohol pads for immediate disinfection, and povidone for long-term protection. The Tactical CricKit® was specifically engineered to meet CoTCCC requirements for a surgical airway kit. 


Special Features:

  1. Provides all of the components necessary to conduct a surgical cricothyroidotomy correctly
  2. The ideal length and size tracheal tube with securing device included
  3. Components configured in the sequence of use and ideal for low-light, battlefield environments
  4. Lightweight, ruggedized and minimal in weight & cube
  5. Berry Amendment compliant, 500 denier Pouch designed to provide a clean working surface


  1. 1 x Bag (Pouch- Tactical CricKit®)
  2. 2 x Bear Claw™ Nitrile Trauma Gloves (1 pr.)
  3. 1 x Alcohol packet
  4. 1 x Povidone Iodine packet
  5. 1 x Gauze Pad (4 in. x 4 in.)
  6. 1 x Protected #10 Scalpel
  7. 1 x NAR Tracheal Hook
  8. 1 x 10cc Syringe
  9. 1 x Cric. Tube with Obturator (Flexible, Cuffed, 6mm)
  10. 1 x Tube Securing Strap
  11. 1 x Plastic Vacuum Bag


  1. Kit Unrolled - H 6.5 in. x W 7.5 in. x D 1.25 in.
  2. Packaged - H 6.5 in. x W 2.5 in. x D 1.25 in.
  3. Weight: 3.7 oz 

Note: Purchase of this medical device requires that users have the supervision of a medical practitioner. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Ensuring this supervision is your responsibility. By purchasing this item, you warrant to OSI and our vendors that you have the appropriate training and supervision to use this device. 

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