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The Advantage | Patrol Vehicle Aid Kit

by Officer Survival Initiative
Price $147.34

One more example of OSI innovation, the Advantage is a first in its category of IFAK's designed from the ground up for the patrol assigned police officer. 

Originally spec'ed for a very large southern California police agency, the Advantage is built around an ease-of-access concept that allows officers to have all of the necessities of patrol lifesaving in a compact package that's always at hand.  The Advantage pouch incorporates a hook-and-loop panel that mounts to the headrest or visor of your patrol vehicle and an opposite pouch.  The pouch also incorporates a quick-open hook-and-loop closure and pull tab, as well as a snap ring for quick attachment to your gun belt on exiting the vehicle. 

Finally, an option built for your world!

NEW! Now available with a MOLLE Harness to provide you with two solutions in one package.  Leave the kit mounted to your headrest and the MOLLE platform on your plate carrier.  Then when you're faced with a high-risk event, you can quickly secure your aid kit to your armor and never have to leave your life saving essentials behind!


The Advantage includes:

(1) Advantage Pouch (Made in the USA)

(1) Pair Black Nitrile Gloves

(1) CAT Tourniquet

(1) 4" Israeli Dressing

(1) HALO Chest Seal

(1) Pair compact trauma shears

(1) Primed Compressed Gauze (not Pictured)

(1) Laerdal Face Shield (not pictured)

The Advantage is also available with QuikClot® brand hemostatics.

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